The future is bright. Be part of it.

We invest in the education of high potential students. Students earn a degree, investors an attractive return. The future is bright! 


The Future is Bright

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"Completion of my degree seemed a hopeless dream. I am very privileged to be a part of the big picture of investing into talented students…"

- Charles Okai Addai, Brighter Student

While youth unemployment in many developing countries exceeds 30%, employers report that they can't find enough qualified graduates to hire. The problem is so large that despite the number of unemployed locals, many companies resort to hiring expensive expats from abroad. It is clear that a lot of value would be created if the most talented local high school graduates got high quality degrees, so they can fulfill their own country's labor market demand.

Graduate wage levels reflect this value creation: the increase in income from a quality degree often provides the student with an ROI of 50-80%. Despite these returns, 60 million talented students graduate from high school every year without a viable way to pay for higher education. They can't get a loan and scholarships are rare. This discrepancy provides a huge opportunity for economic growth and investment.

What if, instead of limiting these young students’ futures because of their family financial reality, we provide investors with the opportunity to back the future leaders in engineering, science, medicine, and business for a stake in their future income? Such a partnership benefits both student and investor, socially and financially. In 2015 Brighter Investment supported the first high potential students in Ghana followed by a second cohort in 2016 and a third cohort in 2017. The deal is: we pay for their higher education, and after graduating students repay our investors a percentage of their income, typically 25% for 6 years.

Our first graduates are working and the degrees increased their income 5X. They are outperforming their peers, outperforming our projections, and their repayments are providing investors with an attractive return. 


Students - You know that a degree is required for the career you ambition, but you are unsure how you will pay for it? Learn more about our program that will provide you with a mentor, tuition fees, housing costs and a monthly stipend. Your future is bright!

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Investors - You want to earn a competitive return that is predictable, has low volatility, is inflation hedged and is based on real value creation. Learn more about our pooled investment product spread out over large diversified cohorts of students. The future is bright!

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Universities and colleges - Your degrees offer your students unlimited opportunities but unfortunately not every student can afford to attend and others get behind on their tuition fee payments. Together we can remove financial barriers to your university or college. The future is bright!

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Teachers & Lecturers - A degree can be the start of a great career for your students, but not every family can afford the cost. Whether you teach senior high school students or you teach at a college or university, with your recommendation your students can apply for our financial support. Their future is bright!

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

The right degree can increase a student's income 3-5X. Despite this high return, student loans are often not available and there are very few scholarships. This puts higher education firmly out of reach for 60 million bright high school graduates per year. Our solution is to select diversified cohorts of high potential students. You can invest in their degrees in return for a share in the created value.