Job Opportunity: Community Manager Ghana


Always wanted to make a difference in the world? Brighter Investment is hiring a Community Manager in Accra! This is your chance to join an impact investment startup that is eliminating financial barriers to higher education. As the Community Manager you will manage relationships with community partners and students. Working for a fast growing international startup there will be plenty of opportunities to advance your career in Ghana or abroad and you’ll receive a competitive stock option plan (over time you’ll get to own a part of our company).

The business: In developing countries, many students struggle to pay for their higher education despite the huge advantage of having a degree. Brighter Investment is changing that. We directly invest in the education of the brightest students in developing countries. In return, students repay us a fixed percentage of their income. Income dependent repayment ensures that no student ends up with insurmountable debt and allows us to provide our investors with a competitive return. 

As a for profit company we can access international financial markets and attract much more capital for students than a charity or NGO can. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every talented student worldwide can pay for quality higher education and establish Brighter Investment as the leader in this $600 bln market.

Opportunity: To achieve our goal, it is important that we build and maintain good relationships with students and other stakeholders. This is where you’ll come in. Working in a growing start-up means that there will be new problems to solve everyday, but your main responsibilities will be to two-fold: (1) develop and maintain partnerships with high schools, mentors, employers and local student community, and (2) assist with the student engagement program: 

1 - You will ensure company visibility across universities and high schools. Among other things, this includes simply calling high school headmasters and university officials to inform them about our program. It includes contributing to our blog and facebook page to connect with students. You will connect with alumni and employers to help get responses for our annual survey to determine salary levels in Ghana. You will also attend industry events, visit universities and you’ll be expected to think of new, cost effective strategies to spread awareness about our program among all stakeholders and to execute on those plans. 

2 - You will manage and improve the student mentorship program. This includes reaching out to potential new mentors, keeping track of student progress in the program, collect data on student wellbeing career readiness and improve the program where needed. You will also be expected to think of and organize creative new ways to engage with our students. 

In addition to the responsibilities described here, you may be asked to help with anything that comes up while growing our company. Or better yet, you may identify jobs that need doing and proactively address the need of the day!

Your Qualifications:

  • Post-secondary degree

  • 2+ years of work experience. We think experience in education, project management, community engagement or HR would be most relevant but are open to others

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with youth, including negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with professionals from many different sectors, including partnership development.

  • Have an understanding of social media and online communication channels

  • Open to opportunity of regular travel within Ghana (and possibly all over Africa in the future)

Apply now: This application is also open to senior university students who have had previous work experience. Interested in learning more about Brighter Investment and how we are going to change the world? Take a look at our website 

To apply, we don’t require a cover letter but ask you to complete our application questionnaire online. We expect to contact you about your application in December.