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Are you a recent computer science graduate who is equally interested in the business impact of your projects as the technology behind it? Someone for whom simple and good sounds better than high-tech? Someone that can talk to developers about the latest technologies as well as talk to end users about functionality and requirements? And do you want your work to make a positive contribution to the world? If you’ve answered yes to all of these, we should talk...

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Opportunity - Help us build the platform that will change the face of higher education funding in Africa. In Ghana, the value of a university degree is very large: with their degrees, our graduates increase their income 5X, are 6X less likely to be unemployed and develop the Ghanaian economy. Despite this large return, many talented students in Ghana are unable to pay for a degree and realize this value.

A rapidly increasing demand for higher education in Africa, a growing demand for impactful investment opportunities, and increasing internet penetration means that the market is prime to disrupt the failing education finance model. Educating the next generation of bright Ghanaian high school graduates does not only greatly benefit the students involved, but also unlocks an enormous economic potential. It is this value creating opportunity we invest in at Brighter Investment. A recent successful fundraising round means that we are ready to further expand into this $600bln blue ocean market. 

The business - Our fund directly invests in the university education of talented students in Africa. In return, students repay a fixed percentage of their income back to our investors providing them with an attractive return. For a share in the created value, Brighter Investment is the link between students and the investors financing their education.


Current stage - We’ve been investing in students since 2015, the first 50 graduated students have increased their income 5X, are 6X less likely to be unemployed, and the resulting first investor distributions are 6.4% better than projected. Partnerships with the Ghanaian government and a large NGO called WUSC will further facilitate our expansion. It is based on this solid foundation that we’re ready for growth and we need your help for that. We have a platform in place to recruit and assess students online, to administer our mentorship program and to collect repayments. We need you to improve and expand that platform. 

Your role - Both founders have a strong technical background, but with the company growing, they both lack the required time to work on the platform as much as needed. Technology supports almost every critical business process at Brighter Investment, ensuring the efficient and flawless facilitation of these processes is critical to the company’s continued success. 

Your job will be to take on responsibility for the day to day improvements of the platform as well as respond to data and other technical requests from the team. The founders will be available to help with more complicated problems if needed. Over time, if you’re up to that, you will build a technical team around you to further expand the technical capabilities of the company. This is not an easy 9 to 5 job, but in exchange we offer you ownership, opportunity, flexibility and responsibility. To be successful at this job you should:

  • Have business sense: You should be interested in how the company works, and be able to translate that into technical solutions that support the business.

  • Be a quick learner: You should be quick to learn new technologies and understand business requirements.

  • Be an independent executor: You should be good at time management and accomplish results without requiring constant supervision or waiting to be told what to do.

  • Be flexible: You should be okay with working in a startup environment where circumstances and responsibilities change rapidly. This includes being okay with doing non-developer work which may include data work or excel from time to time.

  • Be creative: You should be able to do more with less and figure out how to do things you nor any of your colleagues have ever done before.

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