Brighter Investment on TV


Richard Adarkwah and Joy Lamptey, the Regional Manager and the Student Success Manager for Brighter Investment in Ghana, are interviewed on AAU Talks about financing higher education in Africa. The Association of African Universities (AAU) is the official African Union body representing all higher education institutions within that Union. Brighter Investment is an innovative new investment model for talented students in Africa to pay for their degrees. If you’ve missed it, the full 50 minute interview can be found on the AAU Facebook page and is definitely worth a watch. But if you’re short on time, this is the collection of timestamps we think are the most interesting:


Richard answers why an investment model is suitable to solve the existing financial barriers to higher education in Africa (4 min):

Joy explaining the Brighter Investment repayment model and how repayment amounts are income dependent (2 min):

Richard explaining how banks look at a borrower’s credit score for a loan, something students don’t have, and what BI does instead (1 min):

But if repayment depends on income, what if a student earns very little? Richard explains how the BI model is sustainable (1 min):

Joy explains how the mentorship program helps students be successful, and so improves the performance of the investments (2 min):

Joy explaining who the student’s guarantors are and why they help to ensure that students make their owed repayments (2 min):