Job opportunity: Regional Manager for Brighter Investment


Always wanted to make a difference in the world? This is your chance to join an impact investment startup that is going to eliminate financial barriers to higher education. We’re also open to high potential senior students!

Opportunity - The financial return of a university degree is much higher in developing countries than in the developed world. Despite this, many talented students in developing countries are denied the opportunity for further education because of their families’ financial situation. A university degree would not only greatly benefit the students involved, but also unlock an enormous economic potential. Increasing social and micro-investment trends, new crowd funding possibilities and increasing internet coverage in developing countries mean that the market is prime to disrupt the failing education finance model.

The business - Our fund directly invests in the university education of talented students in developing countries. In return, students repay a fixed percentage of their income back to our investors providing them with a competitive return. For a share in the created value, Brighter Investment is the link between students and the investors financing their education.

Your role - Next to being directly involved in shaping the company, your responsibilities will be to develop and maintain new partnerships with universities and expand and represent the local student community. To take on this responsibility you should:

  • Be excited about our mission and be able to spread that excitement to others (be an influencer)

  • Be able to hustle and have a proven record of creating opportunities, closing deals and generating growth (be an executor)

  • Have an understanding of how universities operate and who the decision makers are.

  • Be active on social media and understand how to connect with students through Facebook.

  • Relish the opportunity of regular travel within Ghana (and possibly all over Africa in the future)

We are also open to senior university students that would like to take on this opportunity on a part-time basis and grow into a full time role after graduation. Interested in learning more about Brighter Investment and how we are going to change the world? Take a look at our website and email us at