Land Economist: meet Kwame Ankapong Yeboah


As part of our series on different careers in Ghana, we interviewed Bernard Amponsah- Poku, a successful mining engineer in Ghana. Kwame Ankapong Yeboah is a Land and Property Investment expert currently working with the Ghana Airports Company. With an in-depth understanding of local and global markets, Kwame specialises in support services to institutions and individuals. His daily work includes real estate & property investment analysis, land acquisition & development and valuation of land & buildings.

“I was inspired  to study Land Economy by an older cousin who studied the same program. She expressed a lot of satisfaction in this field as well as in her career. I am currently involved in land management and administration. My main responsibilities include addressing land needs for my organization in the aviation industry. This requires me to consolidate the organization's lands for all of its operational sites across the country.

It is important to understand that Land Economy is a very multi-faceted field. Large decisions to be made include legal aspects, property appraisal, real estate finance and facilities management aspects. This means I work with Ghana's Land Commission to obtain land or have regularized title to all lands. When a title is obtained, one is then able to enter into agreements with investors to undertake real estate development ventures that ultimately brings in revenue for my organization. I work closely with land surveyors and other land experts.

For students interested in a career in this field, experience is very essential. As such, students should find opportunities during vacation to intern or volunteer to obtain this required experience before graduating.”