If I Could, Why Can't You? - Roshi Motman


Roshi Motman is the first woman to become the Chief Executive Officer of Tigo, Ghana. She studied Electrical Engineering and Business Development at Chalmers University in Goteborg, Sweden. She has about ten years’ experience working with various companies in the Kinnevik Group, a key investor in Millicom.

Under her leadership, Tigo Ghana saw remarkable operational and financial transformation, aggressive network expansion, massive service delivery improvements, increased subscriber growth, improved profitability and a refreshed brand. She also recently led a successful merger between Tigo Ghana and Airtel Ghana, becoming the first CEO of AirtelTigo Ghana.

After resigning her position as CEO of AirtelTigo in June 2018, Roshi went on to become an entrepreneur and investor while serving on several boards.

Roshi won the 2015 COM World Series AfricanCom Awards for CEO of the year in 2015. She was also recognized as a trailblazer at the 5th Ghana Telecom Awards in May 2015 and named second on the Sweden’s list of 75 young and promising women.

Joy Lamptey