Student Profile: Alexander Sekyi

Alexander Sekyi.jpg

After graduating from high school, Alexander worked for two years trying to save enough money to pursue a degree in Mining Engineering. His father, a peasant farmer and his mother, a petty trader, struggled to simply put food on the table. Higher Education was obviously not in the picture for Alex, but his determination to become one of the top mining engineers in his community fuelled his commitment to attend University. He taught at a Junior Secondary School and did other part-time jobs to raise money, and the money he was able to raise did get him through his first two years at the University. After his second year, he was out of funds and searching for financing options that would allow him to continue his education. Initially he considered applying for a student loan from the Ghanaian government, but a trusted lecturer, recognizing the shortcomings of the government loan program, suggested he should apply to Brighter Investment.

Alexander ambitions to become a recognized global leader in the mining industry and will be graduating in July with a first class degree from the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, Ghana. While in school, he volunteered in a peer mentorship program organized by the Rotary Club where he won a certificate of honour. He also received a citation from the National Universities in Ghana Students’ Association (NUGS UMAT) for being a hard working student and the project manager of the year.

Alexander believes that no matter how brilliant an individual is, when faced with financial challenges especially in school, the output of such an individual is unlimited. To him, Brighter Investment takes the financial burden off continuing students, giving them the peace of mind and enabling environment to study and achieve great things. He has spoken to over one hundred people about Brighter Investment and continues to do so.

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