Student Profile: Binchakiya Abraham


Abraham is the third of thirteen children and he ambitions a career as a medical doctor. His desire to see people live longer and not lose their lives to diseases has spurred his relentless pursuit of higher education.

Currently, he is the only member of his family, nuclear and extended, that has attended University. Abraham’s father originally intended that Abraham’s eldest brother get an education, but with the health crisis brought about by sickle cell anemia, Abraham’s elder brothers all had to stop their education at the primary school level, leaving him as the only hope for a better life in the family.

After graduating from high school in 2013, Abraham was awarded a full scholarship to study medicine in Ukraine but was unable to pursue the opportunity because his family was unable to raise the GHc 4000 (~$830 USD) for the visa and traveling arrangements.

Upon gaining admission into the University of Development Studies to study applied biology, his father took loans from friends to send his son to the University. However, by the second year Abraham’s father had a stroke and could no longer work on his farm to support the family. It was at this point that a lecturer who was close to the family and understood their situation suggested that Abraham look into Brighter Investment.

Abraham considers his pursuit of a University degree to be his greatest achievement, explaining that he was at the verge of dropping out and joining his family on the farm. Before Brighter Investment his academic performance suffered because of financial stress. With Brighter Investment’s full support he is now on track to graduate with excellent grades.