Student Profile: Rosemond Boah


Rosemond is pursuing a degree in Mining Engineering at the University for Mines and Technology (UMaT), Tarkwa, Ghana. She is currently in her third year and ambitions to become a mining engineer and an entrepreneur.

Mining Engineering is a field with excellent career prospects, but is also a degree where women are often underrepresented. Rosemond is one of only 11 women in her program and says that more than 75% of her classmates are men.

Rosemond graduated with the best WASSCE score (West African Senior School Certifcate Exam) in her High School and was given a cash award to pay for her first year tuition at university. Her father, who had recently gone on pension during that period, paid her hostel fees with some of the money he got.

After Rosemond's first year she was out of money to continue her education when a friend suggested that she apply for support from Brighter Investment.

Outside of school Rosemond participates in numerous extracurricular activities: she serves as the Brighter Cohort Meetup (BCM) coordinator for UMaT and was the treasurer for IMCS Pax Romana, where she currently heads the International Conference Organizing Committee. She finds volunteering interesting and says it has empowered her to take on leadership roles and helped her improve her confidence and social skills.

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