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Why are degrees in arts and humanities not worth investing in?

The Brighter Investment model, an investment in a student's higher education in return for a % of their future income, naturally results in a focus on the brightest students pursuing the degree programs with the best career potential. The consequence of this focus on career potential and income, is that the majority of degrees Brighter Investment supports are programs in science, technology, engineering, medicine as well as certain business and finance degrees. Degrees in art and the humanities are examples of areas that we currently don’t support students in. Why not? And should that change?

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It works - Repaying students outperform projections

In 2015 Brighter Investment supported the first high potential students in Ghana. The deal is, we pay for their degree, after graduating students repay our investors a percentage of their increased income. Initially our projections were based on data we got from research and partners. Based on this data, we have been able to make reliable projections for our investors' ROI. However, as our model was unproven, we based our projections on conservative values for these relevant variables. Now, 2,5 years into the program, we can show that our first graduated and repaying students are indeed performing better than our conservative projections and are proving the validity of our investment model.

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