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First investor distributions 6.4% higher than projections

4 years ago we started supporting the first small cohort of students in Ghana with the goal of proving that an investment model has the potential to break down financial barriers to higher education. Over the following years we supported 4 cohorts and 221 students. 221 students that instead of street vendors or subsistence farmers will become future leaders in science, engineering, medicine and business. These 221 students show that an investment model can indeed accomplish equitable access to tertiary education and create value for both students and investors.

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Ghana At Work: Trends in Salary Levels for Young Professionals

“Data, data, data! I cannot make bricks without clay.” This Sherlock Holmes quote can probably serve as the unofficial slogan of Brighter Investment. Here at BI, in order to make higher education more affordable for students, we operate in a very data-driven environment. We believe in a win-win situation for both students and investors, and in order to create the best product for both parties, we must track changes in graduate salary levels closely.

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