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Should we be exporting a broken model?

Lately, there is a lot of media discussion on the student loan crisis in North America. With documentaries, tech startups, a US government task force, and an endless stream of articles decrying the current state of affairs with student loans, it’s understandable that a lot of well-meaning individuals ask: “There is a student loan crisis in the US. Do we really want to export that model to the developing country and allow private investors to reap the returns?”

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Income sharing agreements - The low risk option for students (and investors)

Brighter Investment’s mission is to ensure that every talented student worldwide can afford quality education. In this mission, quality is not limited to good teachers and effective state of the art education, but includes long term value creation for the student. Unfortunately in North America many students end up with a very low or even negative return on their higher education investment. This post describes why that problem does not apply to Brighter students.

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