Three expressions you should delete from your CV


Writing the perfect CV for most job seekers is almost synonymous with getting a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

Not only is it demanding, it also requires that one pays attention to detail and is able to present his or her work history and personal information in a way that stands out.

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There are several rules as to what a great CV looks like but this post focuses on three expressions you should consider changing in your CV:

1. “I am a good team player who also enjoys working alone”

Avoid phrases that actually do not convey any relevant meaning. Why not assess the job and determine what the position requires. If it requires you to be a team player, say you are a team player and if it requires you to work alone, say you can work effectively on your own. Stating it alone however does not make much difference. You should be able to explain how a previous role saw you either working effectively in a team or alone.

2. “I am a people person”

Well who is not a people person? We all have friends and family and colleagues that we relate with and stating that you are a people person without attempting to link it to a previous role you have had would be tantamount to nothing. Therefore, if you mean to say you’re a great communicator, say so by explaining a role where you had to communicate effectively to get work done or to achieve success. And if you are great with customers, say so by giving an instance where you impacted your organization’s bottom line through the relationships you were able to cultivate.

3. “Although I don’t have much experience in…”

The question here is why apologize? Why state your weakness? How do you hope to pitch yourself to a recruiter when you downplay your strengths and focus on elaborating your weaknesses? Using a phrase like that in your CV goes to say you are not confident and capable of performing the role you are applying for. In writing your CV, be positive, be confident and focus on highlighting the attributes that make you a fit for the role. It is your one chance to make a great first impression with a recruiter, do not ruin it with doubt.

Joy Lamptey