Student Profile: Alexander Sekyi

After his second year, Alex was out of funds and searching for financing options that would allow him to continue his education. Initially he considered applying for a student loan from the Ghanaian government, but a trusted lecturer who recognized the shortcomings of the government program, suggested he apply to Brighter Investment…

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Student Profile: Binchakiya Abraham

Upon gaining admission into the University of Development Studies to study applied biology, his father took loans from friends to send his son to the University. However, by the second year Abraham’s father had a stroke and could no longer work on his farm to support the family. It was at this point that a lecturer who was close to the family and understood their situation suggested that Abraham look into Brighter Investment…

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3 Reasons why you should invest in our students

In 2015 Brighter Investment supported the first high potential students in Ghana. The deal is, we pay for their higher education, and after graduating students repay our investors a percentage of their income. After investing in a second cohort in 2016 and a third cohort in 2017, we can now confidently say, you should invest in our 2018 cohort because: 1. Graduated students show that our model works; 2. You'll earn a predictable and attractive return; 3. Your investment will change the world for the better.

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Thijs Mathot
A Brighter Future from a Brighter Investment

This interview with our CEO was originally published by SVX in Toronto - Tell us a little about your background and your journey into social entrepreneurship: My journey started with me doing aerospace engineering in the Netherlands. We’re talking about a pre-Musk, pre-SpaceX era, and space projects were slow and bureaucratic, much less exciting than

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Thijs Mathotinterview
It works - Repaying students outperform projections

In 2015 Brighter Investment supported the first high potential students in Ghana. The deal is, we pay for their degree, after graduating students repay our investors a percentage of their increased income. Initially our projections were based on data we got from research and partners. Based on this data, we have been able to make reliable projections for our investors' ROI. However, as our model was unproven, we based our projections on conservative values for these relevant variables. Now, 2,5 years into the program, we can show that our first graduated and repaying students are indeed performing better than our conservative projections and are proving the validity of our investment model.

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The Future of higher education in the age of online learning

Society is changing at an unprecedented pace. Today, self-driving cars and phones that schedule hair appointments are no longer fiction, but reality. An estimated 6 billion people now have access to cellphones (whereas 4.5 billion have access to toilets). Given the way technology is transforming society, it is natural to wonder: What will the future of higher education look like? Does the rise of massive open online courses mean the end of traditional universities?

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Three expressions you should delete from your CV

Writing the perfect CV for most job seekers is almost synonymous with getting a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

Not only is it demanding, it also requires that one pays attention to detail and is able to present his or her work history and personal information in a way that stands out.

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Joy Lamptey
Should we be exporting a broken model?

Lately, there is a lot of media discussion on the student loan crisis in North America. With documentaries, tech startups, a US government task force, and an endless stream of articles decrying the current state of affairs with student loans, it’s understandable that a lot of well-meaning individuals ask: “There is a student loan crisis in the US. Do we really want to export that model to the developing country and allow private investors to reap the returns?”

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Income sharing agreements - The low risk option for students (and investors)

Brighter Investment’s mission is to ensure that every talented student worldwide can afford quality education. In this mission, quality is not limited to good teachers and effective state of the art education, but includes long term value creation for the student. Unfortunately in North America many students end up with a very low or even negative return on their higher education investment. This post describes why that problem does not apply to Brighter students.

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2017 was bright, 2018 will be brighter!

On behalf of the whole team, we’d like to wish you a bright and successful 2018. Last year was a good year for our investors, and a great year for our students. Our focus for 2018 will be on growth so more investors, and even more students, can share in the value created by the degree programs offered at our partner universities.

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Job Opportunity: Community Manager Ghana

Always wanted to make a difference in the world? Brighter Investment is hiring a Community Manager in Accra! This is your chance to join an impact investment startup that is eliminating financial barriers to higher education. As the Community Manager you will manage relationships with community partners and students.
Working for a fast growing international startup there will be plenty of opportunities to advance your career in Ghana or abroad and you’ll receive a competitive stock option plan (over time you’ll get to own a part of our company).

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Ghana at Work 2017

We are excited to release the newest edition of our report on salary levels in Ghana: “Ghana At Work: Trends in Salary Levels for Young Professionals 2017”. This year, we continued to track the salary level trends for four main sectors: business & commerce, engineering, information technology, and sciences.

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Bruno Lam
Brighter Investment student: Moses Weibaseh Weyori

My name is Moses Weibaseh Weyori. I am currently reading BSc in Minerals Engineering at the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa-Ghana . I hope to become an indispensable personnel in the petroleum industry (energy) in order to contribute my quota towards mitigating challenges pertaining to energy globally, specifically in Africa. I am passionate about working in the petroleum industry. I can't wait to see myself there.

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New Report: The business of education in Africa

As markets become more globalised and economies more intertwined, the future, with its myriad of challenges, will very likely be influenced by the next generation. More specifically, many of the solutions to our challenges will likely come from the next generation in sub-Saharan African nations. In fact, by 2035 the total number of Africans joining the workforce will be more than the rest of the world combined. Earlier this month, Caerus Capital, Parthenon-EY, and Oxford Analytica released a very interesting report on the systems that will educate this future African generation.

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Richard Adarkwah
The Education Policies of the New Ghanaian President - A Bright Future

The New Patriotic Party, presided by Nana Akuffo Addo, is the majority ruling party in Ghana as of January 2017. The main policy objectives with regards to education are heavily focused on improving teachers’ well being and status, free education for children up to Senior High School, raising the quality of education at primary and senior high school levels with an emphasis on science and technology as well as raising university standards, with a priority in research and innovation. As we will show in this article, these policies will increase the need for Brighter Investment’s program in Ghana as well as help make it more successful.

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Ghana At Work: Trends in Salary Levels for Young Professionals

“Data, data, data! I cannot make bricks without clay.” This Sherlock Holmes quote can probably serve as the unofficial slogan of Brighter Investment. Here at BI, in order to make higher education more affordable for students, we operate in a very data-driven environment. We believe in a win-win situation for both students and investors, and in order to create the best product for both parties, we must track changes in graduate salary levels closely.

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Bruno Lamresearch, ghana
Land Economist: meet Kwame Ankapong Yeboah

As part of our series on different careers in Ghana, we interviewed Bernard Amponsah- Poku, a successful mining engineer in Ghana. Kwame Ankapong Yeboah is a Land and Property Investment expert currently working with the Ghana Airports Company. With an in-depth understanding of local and global markets, Kwame specialises in support services to institutions and individuals. His daily work includes real estate & property investment analysis, land acquisition & development and valuation of land & buildings.

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How to ace your exams this term

It's that time of year again: exams are here and students around the country are busy trying to cram as much information into their brains as they can. Trying to retain several months' worth of information in a stressful situation can be challenging. Science offers some tips, however, on how students can maximize their ability to retain information.

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