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Do your students deserve the opportunity of higher education? Recommend them for our financing program.

Our investors pay for your students' degrees. Repayments only start after graduation and are based on a graduate's income level, no student ends up with insurmountable debt. To qualify, students require your recommendation on our easy to use, online application platform.


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Fully Financed Degree & Mentor

You have talented students that deserve to go to university but lack the financial means. Recommend a student and let Brighter Investment finance their degree. Available for both freshmen and continuing students.

If selected, your student receives a fully financed degree that includes tuition fees, housing costs and a monthly allowance for books and living expenses. We also provide the student with a mentor to ensure that he/she is prepared for a successful career. 

Completion of my degree seemed a hopeless dream. I am very privileged to be a part of the big picture of investing into talented and intelligent students…
— Charles Okai Addai, Brighter Student


Minimal Risk for the Student


The benefits of our program are clear. Graduates and their families live longer, healthier lives and help develop their community. Unfortunately traditional student loans do not work for many potential university students because banks require guarantees that many students can't offer and high fixed interest rates can lead to insurmountable debt.

Here is a Brighter idea: For a 4 year degree, students repay a fixed percentage of their income for 6-7 years. This means that successful students repay a bit more, unsuccessful students repay less. But no student ends up with insurmountable debt because after the repayment period all students are debt free, no matter the amount they have repaid.  



Students Need Your Recommendation

We don't accept any student, we are looking for the brightest ones. We have partnered with the best degree programs in the country that offer graduates great career prospects.

Our research shows that your positive opinion as their teacher is one of the best early predictors for academic and career success. That's why students need you to complete an online assessment on our website. Upon completion of the assessment, the student receives an invite to continue the application. At the end of the process, we provide the student with a financing offer for his/her degree to accept or reject.

I believe that if Brighter Investment would have been available to Ghanaians in earlier years, Ghana would have been classified a developed country by now and not a developing nation...
— Evans Omane-Boateng, High School Teacher

Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

The right degree can increase a student's income 3-5X. Despite this high return, student loans are often not available and there are very few scholarships. This puts higher education firmly out of reach for 60 million bright high school graduates per year. We are using capital markets to fundamentally change this system, but we can't do this without you: