The future is bright. Be part of it.

You offer great degrees, unfortunately not every bright student can afford to attend.

We work with great universities, colleges and other education providers to make their programs affordable for all bright students. Scholarships are great, but there simply aren't enough of them. Our investors can pay for your students' degrees. Repayments only start after graduation and are based on a graduate's income level, so no student ends up with insurmountable debt.


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Fully Financed Degree

You have talented students that deserve to go to university but lack the financial means. And you have students that have good grades but are getting further and further behind on their tuition fee payments.

Recommend a student and let Brighter Investment finance their degree. Available for both freshmen and continuing students. If selected, your student receives a fully financed degree that includes tuition fees, housing costs and a monthly allowance for books and living expenses. We also provide the student with a mentor to ensure that he/she is prepared for a successful career. 

Completion of my degree seemed a hopeless dream. I am very privileged to be a part of the big picture of investing into talented and intelligent students…
— Charles Okai Addai, Brighter Student


Minimal Risk For the Student

The benefits of our program are clear. Graduates and their families live longer, healthier lives and help develop their community. Unfortunately traditional student loans do not work for many potential university students because banks require guarantees that many students can't offer and high fixed interest rates can lead to insurmountable debt.

Here is a Brighter idea: For a 4 year degree, students repay a fixed percentage of their income for 6-7 years. This means that successful students repay a bit more, unsuccessful students repay less. But no student ends up with insurmountable debt because after the repayment period all students are debt free, no matter the amount they have repaid.



Mentors & Career Success

We don't accept any student, we are looking for the brightest ones. We also only support those degree programs that offer graduates great career prospects. If you don't have income data for your graduates, we can work with your alumni organizations to determine the career prospects of your different degree programs.

To further ensure students' success, we will pair them with a mentor to help their studies and to support their job search. Our goal is to ensure that every talented student worldwide can afford quality higher education.

I wish there was a way to extend the mentorship program to my whole university. I can boldly speak in public now and have been challenged to do more extracurricular activities than I was doing before...
— Bright Frimpong, Brighter Student

Break down barriers to higher education. 

Brighter Investment can also support students at your university or college. Make it easier for students from a disadvantaged background to attend your degree programs and reduce problems with tuition payments. Contact us today to request more information: