Found a Job you Love? Do These 4 Things Before you Hit Submit!


Nothing can be more painful than hitting “send” only to realize you omitted something in your cover letter or made a grammatical error on your resume.


Beyond cross-checking to ensure there are no errors in your application, there are other things you must do to up your chances of landing any job you apply for. Below are four tips you can try right away;

  1. Read the Entire Job Posting: Before sending out an application, be sure to read the entire job posting at least twice. Do this with a pen and paper by your side. This way, you can note down any specific instructions or requirements in the job description. Furthermore, if questions are asked, do well to provide reflective and diligent responses. It might help to note down all questions, take a day to think over them and prepare answers for them before typing them in. 

  2. Ensure All Documents are Error-free: Do not be casual about any application. Invest time and effort in ensuring that your application materials are spotless. Avoid the use of lingo, abbreviations and slang. Ensure everything is grammatically correct and that there are no spelling errors. Check everything over a few times, send it to a friend to review and even run it through Grammarly. The bottom line is there is no excuse for the slightest mistake in your application materials. So, be meticulous in putting them together.

  3. Tailor your application to each role: Tailor the message for each application you send out. Remember you are applying to different companies. They would be happy to know that you took the pain to understand what they do and how you can add value to what they do. It is best to start every cover letter and resume afresh so you can focus on your audience and effectively market your talents. Find out how to tailor your resume and Cover Letter  for each role you apply to.

  4. Clean up your social media: Once you put your name out at the company, the hiring manager would be interested in finding out the type of person you are and where your interests lie. The easiest way for them is to check out your social media. So, ensure that your social media channels are recruiter-ready. 

Joy Lamptey